School is over.

Well, almost—I still have my french baccalauréat (\ba.ka.lɔ.ʁe.a\) to pass Thursday 17th and an oral on Friday 25th. Am I nervous ? Fuck yeah, but not too much since I've nailed the practice tests (12/20 Written, 14/20 Oral)[?].

I just got out of my last hour of Première and I realised that I don't remember jack shit of this school year, mainly because we could only go to school every two weeks due to Covid and that I wasn't very motivated throughout this trimester.

Fuck Summer

Summer is coming, and unlike 99% of people I know, I hate summer and I don't understand why people like it.

(Look at those temperatures, I'm going to fricking melt.)

Here is a list of goals that I have given myself for this summer :

That's not much but still pretty important to me.